Sailing Siller Lass

Sailing Siller Lass


Summer 2020.  Siller Lass has been a delight to sail for almost 20 years by Norma and Jon Erik Saugen. 

One of our final days aboard

Siller Lass was rigged clear for another summer ar the end of April.

Norma and Jon Erik are optimistic, despite Corona Issues and increasing age!

Sailing in calm weather
Sailing in calm weather

Winter is over 


After wintering in her home berth, Åsgårdstrand,  Siller Lass motored to Vallø to be defouled and polished at Vallø Marina. The Corona virus prohibited close contact even with our family but we got great help from Lena and Bernt and the next generation. 


Siller Lass was launched and sailed back to Åsgårdstrand. 

12. Mai.

Rather chilly, wet weather didn’t temp sailing until well into May when Inger-Johanne and William Brochs-Haukedal paid a flying visit.  It was great to see them again.

Edel Haukeland
Edel Haukeland

29th. May,  Day sail to Holmestrand in wonderful sunshine. Almost calm though.

Holmestrand marina has improved immensely and has many more berths then previously but finding a slot was no easy matter. All Norwegian marinas and popular anchorings are being visited because of Corona restrictions . We shared a prawn  and white wine prolonged lunch with our good sailing friend Edel Haukeland. Husband Yngvar was unable to be with us and enjoy the reminising of many of our sailing experiences over the years.

12-13th. June -  Engelsviken revisited.

In fine summer weather we sailed over the Oslo fjord to Engelsviken, a harbour that We visit every year even though Jon Erik’s brother Frik’s  family doesn’t live there any longer. There were no vacant berths in the guest harbour but we were generously offered a mooring by one of the local sailing boats. Coincidentally, he was one of Friks neighbours who particularly helped Lise as a widow.
Warm weather, a dip then some beer - thats life,
Warm weather, a dip then some beer - thats life,

17th. - 24th. June.  To Langangen 

Norma’s 85th Birthday, 16th. June was celebrated simply in Kongsberg, due to the Corona virus restrictions on contact with many people. Outdoors at 1m distance  is accepted though. 
We sailed out the following day and anchored up in Tallakshavn, one of our favourite bays near Tønsberg. Our next stop was in Helgeroa, a popular marina on the East side of Langesund’s fjord. Delicious seafood dinner at one of the oldest restaurants there. 
Our days sailing to Langangen where Gabriela and Bernt have a summer cottage was short, only 20nm. Summer temperatures have enticed us to take a dip several  times during the week, the sea temp. Is amazingly 22 deg.C.
We enjoyed a family party, having plenty of space in what  was originally the boat shed and gearhouse.

22.-24 June. Langangen to Åsgårdstrand. 

Langangen To Stavern. One nights stop there  then on to Tallakshavn for Skt.Hans eve celebrations in brilliant summer weather.
Our sail northwards to Åsgårdstrand finished the tour, and started discusions about future sailing at our age!

Siller Lass has new owners

Everything comes to an end.

We decided that the time had come to let new owners take over the joy  and responsability of owning Siller Lass. 

We have sailed 24 478 NM since 2005 and visited many countries as our log describes. We can thrive with  our memories of many happy and exciting tours. 

Norma and Jon Erik Saugen wil no longer continue this log.