Vestlandet 2015





Sailing the last leg
The old estate on Furøya

 The last lap of our summer expedition in now completed. We are in Åsgårdstrand, our home harbour, after 53 days of sailing, new experiences, new acquaintances and fun at sea. The trip distance was 1446 nm and 29 harbours were visited. Two 80 year old senior citizens made the crossing to Shetland,  learned a good deal more about the group of islands, the way of life there and the friendly, helpful people. Back in Norway earlier than planned gave extra time to visit new and fascinating marinas on the West coast, before sailing round the South coast in a leisurely way.

Mission  accomplished!

Anchor track, Vestre Rauane, Kragerø

 The photo shows our tracks at anchor in the West  Rauane skerries on Thursday night. The anchor had a good grip, fortunately! 

We sailed a short step from Tvedestrand on Wednesday afternoon, when most of the rain had fallen and moored up by the new quay at Furøya. A surprising countryside opened for us with a long pier, new barbecues of high standard, trash collection and the like.  The countryside was of most of interest with natural forest, and a restaurant in the next bay. The island was owned by the Smith family from 1758, had a good harbour, good storage conditions for timber and  farmed land. Since 1993 when the state took over ownership, the area has been developed for leisure use. There is a ferry service in addition to many berths for private boats.

The area around is in the process of restoring fish and shellfish growth, so fishing is prohibited.

All in all the stay around Tvedestrand was inspiring and certainly worth another visit.

We had a great sail northwards to Kragerø next day ,and decided to anchor up at Vestre Rauane, one of our favorite places many years ago, and perhaps even better now. There were few boats there and even fewer in Tallakshavn where we spent Friday night.  The water there didn't inspire us tp take a swim - too much grass, and not clear at all. Better this morning though.


Tuesday 28. July

We sailed  into Lillesand harbour on Saturday morning to find it more than full of boats, but our neighbours in Liberty, from Dolviken pointed out a vacant slot for us, which we were thankful for. Lillesand Sup and Stup festival took place that weekend, one of the reasons for so many boats moored up there, the other reasons were the Tall Ships race in Kristiansand with no room for privat boats, plus the heavy rainfall all day. We bought groceries then prawns from the pierside. We enjoyed them for lunch in the cockpit, pretending summer, with good shelter from all the rain!

Sunday and fine sailing conditions northwards Arendal. We moored up as usual and were welcomed at Arendal Seilforening. The barbecue ready for use every evening and coffee is served continually.

We continued on to Tvedestrand on Monday, a really attractive, well kept old town.

It is known for all the books shops, particularly antique books, there, one store even says it has 65 000 books , 50 000 of them on line! We met several friends there and have decided to stay for at least one more night in this area, which we haven't visited since the 90 s.

We are fascinated by the place and are going "book crawling" today. Our cruise is now nearing the end and we're thriving, taking life easy for a few says.

Late evening in the bay

 Friday 24th. July 2015

Another fantastic day today. Wakened early by boats lifting anchors and moving off before we even had begun breakfast. No complications with anchor chains or ropes and we were on our way towards the south west end of Blindleia. While crossing the fjord we  caught a couple of mackerel, just enough for dinner. Then the skies opened with a mighty heavy rain shower making us wish we had window wipers, and we anchored up in Gitkilen, just south of Lillesand. It is always a challenge sailing through Blindleia with so many boats moving at various speeds in both directions. Some pay little or no attention to the speed limit!

We planned on stopping in Kristiansand yesterday but the galeforce wind and lack of space in the harbour meant we had to find an alternative mooring. We chose to go to Stokken, one of our favorite moorings. 

The sea temperature has now reached 15 deg.C., tempting us to have dip. We'll remember 2015 as the year with a really cool summer!

Satisfaction at the top!

Wednesday 22nd. July

Bernt and family met up with us in Egersund after a tough hike  up Trolltunga. We had a fine weekend in Egersund while two fronts with heavy rain and gale force wind passed through the area. Siller Lass sailed on to Farsund while the younger (camping)  generations drove round the coast.  Jon Erik met his 3rd cousin Svein Robert, a keen sailor living at the family home Slottet on Hurum. Svein is now the proud owner of Jeremy Fisher, an original Fisher boat. He and Jon Erik spent some time reminising the Robert family's sailing and boat building lives.
 Yesterday was a fine sailing day,from Farsund  round Lindesnes then eastwards to Tregde without needing motor power. Bernt, Thea and Joakim sailed with Norma while Jon Erik flew to Trondheim for a friends funeral.
Wednesday now and the family have gone ashore while we sail into a lagoon to anchor up fpr the night. Tregde marina has few guest moorings but is a good sheltered harbour with many appartments and activities, rather expensive though. diesel 2-3 kroner more per liter than other places. Good wifi was an advantage.

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