Sailing Siller Lass

Sailing Siller Lass



Wedensday 20th. May

After an interesting and informative weeks holiday at St. Petersburg with colleagues we are now afloat again.

From Monday 17th. May to Friday 22 - Spent these days in Sandvika with family and friends.

Friday 1st.May

Now on our way north to our home port after several days around Kungshavn followed by a fine sail to Ekenes on The Koster islands.

At the entrance to the marina we found the first emtying /pumping station for sewage. According to the rules we have read, Sweden enforced restrictions on all sewage from boats earlier this year, nothing can go directly into the sea. The lack of pumping stations makes this impossible so far.

Wednesday 29th April in Kungshavn. Getting SillerLassship-shape - Boracol on the deck, testing our radar system again, ckecking motor details. Hailstones falling at the moment! Even though the skye is blue a cold north wind decides the temperature.

We have installed avtive AIS as a security measure when we cross the North Sea. It functions too as information to friends and relatives who may wonder where we are.

Monday morning, 27th. April chilly but sunny. We motored southwards due to lack of wind . After 4 hours we were through the Soten canal and at Røssy AS.  to get our new sprayhodd and bimini fitted. The workshop is just northof Smøgenmarina.Thearea around is a complicated nest of little nooks and cranies! We'll cross over to the other side of the chanel to Kungshavn to meet friends from Scotland on Wednesday. Kongshavn is larger than the marina at Smøgen and almost aspopular.We foundalarger variety of shops here, a good enough reason to moor up. There were few visiting boats perhaps because summer hasn't really started here. One notice proclaimed summer from 15th June to 15 August!

 A relatively early start to our summer sailing. Our aim is to test som new equipment, to collect and fit a new sprayhood etc. And to meet a Scottish sailor to exchange knowledge and maps. We plan to sail to Shetland, he plans a summer in Lofoten.

We left at 6 am and had to motor to Strømstad with wind and seas against us, not exactly pleasant when passing Hvaler!  Langustiner as starter followed by fresh plaice fillets for dinner aboard.

Sunday morning and sunshine but a rather  cold wind but a fine sail to Havsteensund  where we chose a peaceful afternoon at anchor in Trossø bay.