Sailing Siller Lass

Sailing Siller Lass


2018 S. from Svanøy

 Siller Lass has been at sea for 8 weeks and travelled 1441 NM.

We have had a fantastic cruise, as far North as Bud-Hustadvika and back, visiting about 50 different marinas or anchorages. We have experienced unimaginable sunshine and warm weather with the exception of only three rainy / stormy periods, 6 days altogether. Socially, we’ve met many  interesting people and visited many new places.  We have enjoyed our trip immensely.

In a few days we’ll be back at sea again!

Nordavind på anker i Tallakshavn
Nordavind på anker i Tallakshavn

Thursday 19th. July to home harbour Åsgårdstrand. 25 NM 3,5 hours , sunshine, water temp. now 22 deg.c

An uneventfull trip, arriving in time to  pack and tidy up before we took  a taxi home. It’s odd  to be on fast ground again!

Wednesday 18th. July   to Tallakshavn by Tønsberg Tønne 31,7 NM. 4,5 hours sunshine

Sailing when possible, a fine trip to Tallakshavn, our normal last stop before Åsgårdstrand , we were pleasantly  surprised to find our previous Hallberg Rassy anchored up. The new owners rowed over to Siller Lass and we had a good chat and exchange of info.

We fished on the way and caught both haddock and mackerel, plenty for our evening meal.

Verdu / Saugen cabin at Langangen
Verdu / Saugen cabin at Langangen

Tuesday 17th.July to Langangen  from Valle 2,5 hours sailing 16,6 NM 

We moored up at Bernt’s selfmade pier, specially made to give enough depth for Siller Lass. Gabriela and Bernt have worked hard on the cabin since they invested in it a couple of years ago- electricity, running water and sewage are installed and bathroom and kitchen modernised. In audition, the buildings have got a coat or two of paint. Now the owners can relax and enjoy their holiday. We spent a lovely day with them, catching up on each others news.

 Monday 16th. July Åkvågkilen til Valle marina, sailing to Valle part of the 30,2 NM in 5 hours.

Valle marina is a busy harbour for these in the neighbouring area to organise supplies, have a cup of coffee, meet friends or eat dinner. Only 20-25 guest boats normalt overnight. Hundreds of others are in for short visits.

We were picked up next morning at 7:30 am to visit friends at their summer «residensen» for breakfast.  It’s great to have welcoming friends along the  coast, many thanks! It was a very  Interesting  visit with a delicious breakfast while we watched a real downpour  of rain, the first for weeks. The whole country  really nedsatt much more. The drought gives poor crops, too little for winter stores for animals. Some cattle have already been slaughtered.

 Sunday 15th. July from Arendal to Åkvågkilen 22,7 NM 4 hours calm, sunny weather, minimal sailing chance. 58˚39n/09˚10e

This is a pleasant lagoon to anchor up in. It is surroundlyd by several cabins high up on the hillside around. There are roads connecting, giving walking tour possibilities for those who like to stretch their legs! Four sailing boats had no problem finding a secure spot to drop anchor.

Arendal sailing club
Arendal sailing club

Saturday 14th. July to Lillesand and Arendal seilforeningen 29 NM 3 hours motoring

We went offshore in the hope of catching some sailing wind, with no luck. We are in real holiday modus now since the good weather continues, make shorter daily trips and relax in the sun.

Arendal sailing club is always welcoming and is one of our favourite stops whether we are on our way South or North. 

 Friday 13th. July from Stokken to Lusekilen i Blindleia  13,6 NM. 2,7 hours mostly motor

A surprise meeting with Kirsikka in Stokken was followed up with a  common anchor in Lusekilen. Fun to meet HR friends again and to appreciate the peace and quietness of an isolated lagoon. Lusekilen is a special lagoon with  interesting rock formations around.

Farsund fra høyden, utvidet gjestehavn gir plass til flere på vestsiden
Farsund fra høyden, utvidet gjestehavn gir plass til flere på vestsiden

Thursday 12th. July from Mandal to Stokken  3,5 hours.     26,6 nm light warm breeze

Stokken is a favorite natural harbour that we have visited often. Originally a small farming area among islands, now with dry stane dykes, the remains of pastures and wild sheep roaming around. The sea water is now over 20 deg.c for the first time. Relaxing afternoon with a hike round the island. We took an inner route here from Mandal, giving good training in navigation. 

 Wednesday 11 th. July  from Farsund to Mandal.  28 nm. 4 hours.

There was some sailing breeze during the uneventful trip, first the narrow passage through Korshavn without finding friend Arvid at home, then round Lindesnes before winding our way along the inner route to Mandal. To our surprise our friends on Fryd came into port and we had a pleasant evening watching Croatia beat England in the semi final of the World Cup.

We feel we are now in holiday modus, shorter sails and a lazy life.

Tuesaday 11th. July Egersund to Farsund  22 nm. 3 hours , little sailing

We continue meeting interesting families and places and enjoy exchanging experiences.

A fisherman in Egersund
A fisherman in Egersund

 Sunday 8th. July. From Tananger to Egersund 42,3 NM   5,5 hours sunshine, 5m/s nw wind.

We sailed out and had a following current, so passed Jærens Rev, one of the dangerous points in hard weather, in just over an hour. 

As we sailed along the coast it was easy by the odour to confirm cattle farming ashore.

We arrived in Egersund before the forecast gale, as did many other vessels.  Egersund has all you need within a short distance from the guest harbour.

We stayed over for a day while the wind raged out to sea.

Skudeneshavn harbour at festival time
Skudeneshavn harbour at festival time

Saturday 7th. July to Tananger,  20 NM.

We are timing our trips to fit the weather since strong winds are forecast the next week, therefore a shortish sail today, out past Kvitsøy to Tananger.

 Friday 6th. July. Bekkjarvik to Skudenes havn 60,9 nm,  8,5 hours,mye seiling  med our Genoa, in winds 10-16 m/s.

Passing Haugesund og inn to Skudenes havn which was full of wooden vessels for the annual festival. We were directed to fender up outside of 4 other boats!. Needless to say, we didn’t  go ashore more often than necessary.

A Polish training ship - washing day!
A Polish training ship - washing day!

 Thursday 5th. July from Strusshamn to Bekkjarvik 27,4nm,  3,5 hours 

We often meet foreign boats in Strusshamn , this year a Polish training ship on a long trip taking a day or two’s rest and clean up. Cloudy, chilly start at 6 am. Next day,  Wind from the north 9m/s. Few boats in the marina but it soon filled up.

Bekkarvik has improved greatly during the lastg decade, thanks to the generosity of the local fishing magnate. 

It has become a popular marina for sailors and shoppers!

Fresh sea lobsters, langustines for dinner at Dingja
Fresh sea lobsters, langustines for dinner at Dingja

Wednesday 4th. July from Skjerjehamn  to Strusshamn by Bergen 43 nm. 5 hours sailing when possible but mostly motor drift.

Warm sunshine

Met our friends from Son on Fryd again. Fryd chose to go out to Værlandet from Svanøy and the crew were impressed by the complex of sheltered Islands joined together by small bridges. Coastal Norway has increased the nummer of bridges and road tunnels and ferry services greatly during the last 2-3 decades, an advantage both for the inhabitants and to encourage tourism.

 Tuesday 3rd. July from Dingja to Ramsvika, then Skjerjehamn  10nm 

We went to Ramsvika and anchored up in the lagoon, hoping for another   natural harbour but it wasn’t so inviting. After a couple of hours viewing a tjeld on its nest, the north wind caused the anchor to drift so we moved to Skjerjehamn. Many more visiting boats were there now, than on our stay 3 weeks ago, also guests coming by car or rapid ferry. Interesting  chatting on the pier as usual, learning about other people an marinas.

Our fishing luck hasn’t struck yet!

Hurtigruten på vei mot Den norske Hesten, ved Alden
Hurtigruten på vei mot Den norske Hesten, ved Alden

Monday 2. July to Dingja  61,16 ˚N/05,29˚E. Fine sailing 3 of 4 hours 15,4 NM

Another short but energetic sail, main sail up and foresail out, wind change in the narrow fjord, sail in, motor on for a while then sail again, all the way over Sognesjøen. 

Dingja is a charming little community with about 40 inhabitants but many visitors come in the summer. Several avtivities and a good bathing beach, kaffe and local store. We look forward to our evening meal of fresh langustines. 

 Sunday 1. Juli 2018 from Svanøy to Hellershamn, 61˚16,5 N/04,deg.58 E.   22nm 3 hours

The warm weather continues and we are in no hurry to get home, so we decide to look for anchorages in sheltered spots in the fascinating  nature around us. Hoping too to be able to fish and take walks ashore. We found Hellershanm where the only sound we heard was a cuckoo in the evening. Paradise!