Sailing Siller Lass

Sailing Siller Lass


Summer 2017

27 Jun 2017
Hugh seas on the way to Malmøn
Hugh seas on the way to Malmøn

Saturday 24th - Monday26th. June. Elløs to Malmøn
The sail took only 2 hours in wind strength 30-40 Knots and exciting seas! Malmøn marina was large and well organized, kr 360 including electricity and all facilities. Good shopping, groceries, fresh fish, restaurants and exclusive clothes. Great for hiking/walking along well marked paths round the island. What surprised us most was the wind force in the marina on Sunday evening, up to 40 kn. nearly all night. 
26 Jun 2017
Traditional song and dance around the May pole
Traditional song and dance around the May pole

Friday 23. to Saturday 24th. June  Elløs HR boatyard

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain enticed us to spent Midsummer in a safe harbour with folk we knew. We saw the traditional song, dance and fun activities in Elløs, a relatively smal community where many are employed building sailing boats. In between heavy showers we became acqainted with the crews of the newly delivered boats, Freya, Mishelene and Isabel. One was to be transported to the Great Lakes in USA, another to the Med. and the last sailed to England. Hallberg Rassy boats are renowned worldwide. Siller Lass sailed out on Saturday morning, while Bolette and Kirsikka stayed on.

22 Jun 2017
Siller Lass  moored in the natural harbour by Lyr
Siller Lass moored in the natural harbour by Lyr


Tuesday 20th. To Thursday 22. June.  To Bekkevik, on Lyr Island  then Elløs

Rather unstable weather as we sail northwards to a mooring in a bay on the east of Lyr. We sailed along with Kirsikka and Bolette, used 2 SXK buoys, while one boat lay at anchor. Wind strength up to 12-14 m/s. Sunshine on Wednesday tempted a brief morning swim.

The anchorage in this natural harbour was almost exotic with swans and other birds swimming around, vast areas untouched islands but also bays with mussel farms nearby.

We are still hoping for less wind, but are thriving none the less!

18 Jun 2017
A Dutch Barge entering Elløs fjord as we left Sunday morning
A Dutch Barge entering Elløs fjord as we left Sunday morning

 Sundag 18th.- 20th.June     Elløs to Skarhamn

We have had two great days at the boatyard with fantastic sailing, prizes for all, good meals for hungry, thirsty sailors and many new friends among the 38 boat crews. Thanks to Magnus Rassy and family for wonderful organization in a friendly, casual atmosphere.

The weatherforecast showed uncertain wind strengths, and as usual the wind was stronger than forecast today. We measured over 32 knots so we're glad we had chosen not to sail offshore. On the way we passed the Dutch barge in the photo here, sailing at amazing speed into Elløs fjord.

Three hours, 18 nm later we found one of the 4 SVK buoys near Skarhamn vacant. After a delicious lunch we motored round to Skærhamn where there were plenty of  moorings, also our friends on Kirsikke and Bolette. Still rather much wind so we spent an interesting extra day in Skarhamn.

We spent an hour or so at The Scandinavian Watercolour museum which had an exhibition of the works of Arne Isacsson, one of the founders of the mueaum. Later in the day an Armada of 12-15 large sailing yachts came into the harbour and brought color to the village. The yachts were on a 14 day cruise with "veteran" sailors from USA, Canada and several European countries.

15 Jun 2017

 Thursday June.  To Elløs

We had a good five hour sail from the pilot harbour, Væderøyne to Elløs where Hallberg Rassy has It's boatyard. We were surprised to be met by so many ships and crews, including five other  Norwegian boats. We look forward to the rally tomorrow and Saturday.

20 Jul 2020
14 Jun 2017
Væderøyne Dock in gloroius summer weather
Væderøyne Dock in gloroius summer weather

 Wednesday 14th June.    To Væderøyne

Siller Lass is now moored up along Storø, one of the Væderøyne islands. Quite a contrast from the mainland harbours. The islands were used for piloting until about 1945 and all the small buildings are now used as a simple holiday center offering conference facilities too. The islands are situated 5 nm. from the mainland, rocky and with some unusual vegetation. An almost exotic natural refuge where we enjoyed a gourmet dinner this evening. There are 15 sailing boats in the main harbour, it seems packed but the harbour master told us there had been as many as 33 one night a few years ago.

12 Jun 2017
Malcolm Miller from Scotland
Malcolm Miller from Scotland

Tuesday 13th. June.  To Grebbestad

Blue sky, sunshine and no wind - quite a change from yesterday!   On our way out from Strømstad we motored by The Malcolm Miller, the three master, Scottish built vessel, now a luxury yacht, and were invited aboard by the Greek, skipper owner, Ajax. Having connections to the original owners, James Miller and family, we were impressed by the refurbishing done to bring the ship more or less back to its former status. The ship is now Bermuda rigged, originally square rigged and will participate in the Tall Ships race  the Baltic, with several caddets as crew.

Grebbestad has only a few sailing boats in the harbour, since the Swedish sailing season hasn't started yet. The summer shops are still closed, as are the restaurants. We, as other sailors here, enjoy the peace and quiet.

Monday 12th. June.  To Strømstad

The start of our summer cruise with Elløs as our aim this week

 Siller Lass left Åsgårdstrand at 8:30 am on course SE towards the Swedish border. We chose to reef the main sail, but not the genoa. This became necessary as the wind increased, up to 30 knots, so we sheltered east of Søstrene for the operation. We had contemplated anchoring in Kosterhavn but found Strømstad a safer, secure marina considering the weather. We covered 39 NM in 5,5 hours. An anchor dram was most welcome after a strenuos sail!

We are by the ferry Pier and have a god view of the "MALCOLM MILLER" sheltering at anchor outside.

24 Apr 2017
Siller Lass in Åsgårdstrand, her home marina
Siller Lass in Åsgårdstrand, her home marina

 1. april 2017

Siller Lass is more or less ready for her first trip having been hoisted up to check for fouling and to polish the propel.

23. April 2017

Snow and up to gale force winds the last few weeks have prohibited sailing. Instead, we do some odd jobs aboard.

31. Mai

Little acitivity all May. Inclement weather and other family events, dinner at Skyttertunet mv

Kept us on dry land.

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