Sailing Siller Lass, Hallberg Rassy 37, with Saugen


Summer 2016

Vi seiler fra Struten
Vi seiler fra Struten

 26. July. Åsgårdstrand seilhavn

Wind from the south gave Siller Lass good speed on her sail to home port. Fine sunny weather most of the day but heavy rain and thunder after arrival. Our aim was to welcome our family crew aboard on Tuesday morning for a few days sailing in the area, but plans had to be revised.

More sailing in a weeks time.

Kvelden på Tisler
Kvelden på Tisler

 22nd. - 25th. July. To Lindøn 58.47/11.09,  Halden 59.06/11.23,  Syd Koster,  Tisler 58.59/10.57,  Struten lighthouse 59.07n/10.45e

We are investigating marinas and anchorages in the Oslo fjord that we haven't previously used so after a night at Lindøn we motored inland to Halden. The period of great summer weather continues, much to our delight, but it also means lack of wind, hence the choice of Halden.  We motored under, and were impressed by the Svinnesund bridges and continued up the long fjord with Sweden on the south bank and Norway on the north side. 

The hike up to the top of Fredriksten fort was well worth the effort. A guided tour with historical details covering the wars of the last 3-4 hundred years was most informative. Power and wealth has always been, and still is, problematic between peoples and countries. 

Off again next morning to south Koster bay, where we anchored up with 28 other sailing boats and a few motor boats. The Koster islands are fine for walks and swimming.

Our next anchorage was at South Tisler where we were lucky enough to pick up a buoy, and use our dingy for a trip ashore. Met an interesting sailing couple who shared the buoy with us for the night.

The ships larder is diminishing so fishing was on Sundays' program, while we motored northwards. 12 mackerel with two casts of the line!  Struten lighthouse buoy was vacant so we motored up there for the night and as usual, took a stroll on the volcanic island. The lighthouse itself was closed unfortunately, but in the late afternoon, a party of about 12 people arrived. The lighthouse can be rented for  holiday periods. The beach was lively all day with many small boats and numerous holiday picnicers enjoying themselves.

Evening in S. Dyvik,  Otterøn
Evening in S. Dyvik, Otterøn

 18th. -20th. July to  Alvevikkilen q S. Dyvik and Grebbestad 58.41n/11.15e

The wind strength reduced making anchoring more pleasant in two different bays before we sailed into Grebbestad for a night. Moored up on the west side of the harbour. We are enjoying lovely, warm,  lazy days and great evenings with special sunsets.  We find many more sailing boats in anchorages than in previous years - the crews seem to appreciate nature to a greater extent than earlier.

Yellow blobs show track at anchor. Sudden difference when the anchor sail was taken in
Yellow blobs show track at anchor. Sudden difference when the anchor sail was taken in

 16th and 17th. July. Sannås  58.44n-11.15e

Sannås is an old, charming little village known for fishing, shipping and quarrying of granite. It remains simple - no shop, few or no busses to the neighboring Grebbestad  or Tanumhede. We chose a taxi ride and treated ourselves to lunch in Grebbestad before shopping to fill up the "larder and wine cellar" .  On a hike the next morning we found an impressive golf course nearby, with an adjacent housing area. Mostly large summer houses with Norwegian cars in the driveway! There are good bathing beaches by the harbour and caravan park.

Strong winds blow continually .

Evening view, just before sunset
Evening view, just before sunset

 14th and 15th. July to Brevikstranda and Lindoen, Sweden

Left Langangen after our usual morning dip. The sea temperature is still around 16 deg, not sufficient for a decent  swim.   Moored up at Brevikstranda, by Haralds Island, 58.57n/09.39e, a new anchoring bay for us, with rather too many cottages around.

Out to sea again on Friday, 61nm to Sweden with variable wind. We eventually anchored up in a sheltered bay by Lindoen, 58.46n/11.09e. The wind increased during the night, up to 15m/sec, causing anchor trouble for several boats. Luckily our anchor held, possibly because we used a little anchor sail to minimalise movement. As soon as we removed it, we lost our hold so had to move. We chose to go inland to a long narrow fjord, Sannåsfjord, hoping for less wind. Quite an exciting and energetic 24 hours for us.

The pier extension is almost completed
The pier extension is almost completed

 13th. July. - to Langangen, north end of the fjord

The changeable weather continued - sun, thundershowers, heavy rainfall, then sun again. Due to lack of wind we had to motor all the  4  hours to Gabriela and Bernt's recently acquired summer cottage. The cottage was built by Gabrielas mother and the new owners are 2 of her offspring. We got a warm welcome by the pier, now extended and just about ready for use!

Delicious Barbecued  mackerel for dinner again followed by a pleasant couple of hours aboard Siller Lass. The younger generations were much more active than the 80 year olds, jogging and swimming.

Tallakshavn på Østerøya, Sandefjord
Tallakshavn på Østerøya, Sandefjord

 11 th. July. to Åsgårdstrand then Tallakshavn 59.04 N/ 10.18E

Fine to be at sea again though the wind was hardly favourable. We motored 3,5 hours through Vrengen and south to Tallakshavn where we were fortunate to find one of the mooring buoys vacant. Spent a few minutes fishing in Tønsberg fjord and caught 3 mackerel, sufficient for our evening meal, plus one to be cured by salting.

We've spent an enjoyable afternoon in the sun, without being tempted to do much more than need be. We are fascinated by the books we are reading - Jon Erik, En tid for alt av Knausgård and Norma, Bienes historie av Maja Lunde.

Only 11 sailing boats in this spacious bay!

The ingredients of a finer lunch
The ingredients of a finer lunch

 21st. -24th. June - to Jensesund, Vestre Bølærne

Mackerel in abundance! We enjoyed both fried, cured, smoked and pickled fillets at several meals. Wild strawberries are ripe now.

The island is part of Færder National Park now but is riddled with tunnels made during WW2, as defence against enemies. 

All the islands in the group are of historical and wild life interest. Fishermen and their families lived a hard life hundreds of years ago. Earl Peder Anker Wessel Jarlsberg had a summer residence built on the Middle island around 1850. It has been renovated and is now in use again.

Those who lived there in the 30s had to move from their crofts when a prison camp was organized for Russians. They were more or less left to themselves, with their TB and other diseases. Several hundred did not live to see the end of the war. There are several  burial places of various origin and age. Google for more information, particularly on wild life and scenery.

Jon Erik enjoying tropical weather, Misingen
Jon Erik enjoying tropical weather, Misingen

 27th. May - 11. June

First to Misingen

Siller Lass at sea, in between diverse appointments, to Misingen on a brilliant May Day. We were priveliged to find the Oslofjordens  Friluftråds  buoy vacant. Later, other boats lay at anchor or clung to the rocks round the vulcanic lagoon. Fine sailing breeze on our return next day.

9th. June - to Misingen, Oslofjorden

Back to Misingen again. Midweek sailing at this time of year has Its advantages. We could enjoy being the only boat in the lagoon, so   moored up by the pier, after motoring motorsailing in calm weather to the skerries.

Plenty time for walking though the area was restricted due to nesting  birds. A dip in the sea afterwards, the temperature didn't encourage to more than a few strokes in the water.

 10th. June - to Ekenes harbour, Koster

Koster is probably at It's best In June, so fertile, blooming flowers and a peaceful atmosphere. We sailed most of the 20 nautical miles, southwards from Misingen,  motoring only through the narrow passage between the isles into Ekenes itself.

Not having visited Koster for a few years, we noticed quite a few changes. Electric wagons had replaced many of the older forms of transport, and were silent but rather numerous, making life a bit more dodgy for strollers like us. The ferries frequented Ekenes more  often than before, transporting folk to and from more holiday homes, hotel and boarding houses. The shop, 2 km. from Ekenes is well stocked with groceries, flowers and plants. Our favourite purchases are cheeseburger, light beer and chocolate.

11th. June - to Tisler then Åsgårdstrand.

A calm start to the day enticed us to fish. There's plenty of mackerel just waiting to be caught and we caught sufficient for dinner in no time at all. By that time there was a good sailing breeze so our stop for lunch in a bay at Tisler was short, before a fine sail back to Åsgårdstrand. Notes seals on Kostersten and cormorants around the rocks.

17th. May - to Moss seilforening

Our first overnight trip began by picknig up brother Rob and partner at Moss, a handy marina for passengers arriving at Rygge airport. Single malt whisky and seriously mature cheddar cheese were welcome gifts! We had intended to sail to Oscarsborg then Dronningen in Oslo, but these plans had to be modified for several reasons. Had a fine sail though.

Shetlandstur 2015 i Seilmagasinet
Shetlandstur 2015 i Seilmagasinet


Afloat and ready for sailing
Afloat and ready for sailing

 Seilmagasinet published in February, a short description of our cruise to Shetland 2015. In addition you can 

read our experiences by clicking on Shetland to the left.

The foto shows Siller Lass returning to her home marina on April 1st.  after care ashore during the  winter.

We have decided to stay in home waters this summer, takling shorter trips than our normal  expeditions.

24 Apr 2017

Norma Saugen, Kongsberg, Norway