Sailing Siller Lass, Hallberg Rassy 37, with Saugen



Siller Lass at sea
Siller Lass at sea

Our Hallberg Rassy experiences from 2015 onwards

                   Sailing, our summer activity !

Welcome to our website describing some of our sailing experiences with S/Y Siller Lass.  We hope the practical information about routes, sailing marinas, anchorages, sailing and electronic equipment, will be of use to many sailors and of interest to friends and relations.

 6th. March 2015

Sunshine, little or no snow around and temperatures over zero. Almost sailing conditions and at least time to intensivate

 our sailing plans for the summer.

We plan to have Siller Lass in "shipshape"  not long after easter and sail south to Smøgen to collect our new canopy and to meet a British sailor on his way to Lofoten.

Norma Saugen, Kongsberg, Norway