Sailing Siller Lass, Hallberg Rassy 37, with Saugen


Kattegat sailing 2019

Kaskad with an active family as crew
Kaskad with an active family as crew

24th.. June  from Malmøn to Dannemark  bay via Smøgen and Kungshamn 

18 NM motoring among skerries and through the Sota canal that takes us among fields, cows and sheep and under a bridge that opens when necessary for boats with masts over 7meters tall. The scenery  is unbelievable all the way to Danemark bay where We were lucky to pick up a SXK buoy. Summer temperaturs for a while at least and more activity at sea.

10 boats in the bay including Kaskad, HR 38, which participated in the HR rally a week or so ago. We had a fine chat in the evening with skipper Anders and wife Nina.

An original Dragon sailing spinnaker, not often seen these days
An original Dragon sailing spinnaker, not often seen these days
A natural beach on Malmøn
A natural beach on Malmøn

22-24. June  A stay at Malmøn

Malmøn marina has all service facilities, some local shops open even on Midsummers day and  young fellows on the pontoons assisting sailors with mooring up. Plenty of seafood in all the restaurants and a great fish shop with all sorts of delicate dishes. Malmøn has many natural harbours and beaches along the coast, enjoyed by hikers like us. The seawater temperature has now reached  17 deg.C inducing a dip now and then.
The May pole at Molløsund
The May pole at Molløsund

22. June  from Molløsund to Malmøn by motor

We sailed out from Molløsund, leaving the celebrations behind in sunny weather, wind from the west 9m/s. The Midsummer celebrations start on Midsummer day there, different from other places around, so we chose to move on to Malmøn, just over 3 hours by motor, twining our way among Islands and navigational marks. 21,5 NM 

Street marked ready to lay fibercable.
Street marked ready to lay fibercable.

19th. June  from Skærhamn to Molløsund

After studying the variable weather as well as possible we spent an extra day at Skærham instead of moving further South or over to Denmark. A fine day to fill the larder and take a hike.

A short saIl to Molløsund  and have a lovely warm day walking around this quaint village. The harbour is full of baby jellyfish, preventing us from swimming - a cold shower on deck is just as cooling though.

Molløsund is a well known fishing senter still in action. It has 2 shops selling fish and shellfish of all sorts, a  narrow Street, cobble Stoned but being dug up now to lay fibercables for Internett. The individual stones  are carefully replaced of course. Molløsund is now a popular resort for those escaping from the stress of everyday life, enjoying great seafood and fantastic seascapes. The harbour can take  120 guest boats. «Ellen» from Åsgårdstrand shares the experiences here with us.

We plan to stay here until Saturday 22. June to celebrate Swedish Midsummer before sailing further North.

Manuevering through narrow chanels
Manuevering through narrow chanels

17th. June. From Elløs to Backevik on Lyr then Skærhamn

Moving further  on, brilliant sunshine tempted us to find a buoy or anchor up in a bay Backevik, not far beyond Møllesund. Had a swim and lunch and another look at the weather forecast. Still varying, but rain and stronger vind on the way. Decided to moor up in Skærhamn where we met Birger and Torhild on Ingrid. Lots of Interesting info to exchange on last summer’s sailing. 4 hours at sea, 23nm motoring. The yellow line on the foto shows the last few NM. through a very narrow Chanel. 
Siller Lass regatta sailing
Siller Lass regatta sailing

Hallberg Rassy Rally 2019

The regatta at Elløs turned out to be a sausage type course, sailing four times round, 20 NM from start to finish, no timetaking, but we noticed that practice was an advantage. Each round was sailed faster than the previous one. The largest boat,57 ft , registered in London, went over the finishing line first. Magnus Rassy did a magnificent job, arranging the Rally, serving dinners, wine and prizes. Siller Lass won a prize for the most experienced skipper. Many Thanks.

Smøgen to Elløs, easy sailing June at Elløs, Hallberg Rassy yard

Great weather and almost 40 HR boats sailing the fun regatta.

Siller Lass did reasonably  well, taking age into consideration. Fun with so many boats, good weather and a bit of competition.

Time for the dinner and prizegiving soon. Need a shower first,.

13th. June   From Grebbestad to Smøgen

Summer sunshine greeted us as we sailied into Smøgen after 24nm among Islands and through Sota Chanel. Pleasant to be in Smøgen with relatively few boats and a lowseason rate in the harbour. Very few shops were open, all were packing out goods to fill their shelves before the weekend.

The number  of restaurants and koffee shops was remarkable but most had customers all the same - Nothing  else to do apart from taking a hike around the area which had a beautiful  maze of paths among the rocks.

12 th. June  at Grebbestad

Grebbestad is a typical Swedish coastal town, very busy all summer with thousands of visitors daily, but pretty quiet most of the year The marina is still closed, shops that are open are few and far between. We prefer to come at this time of the year though.  There are good paths for hikers, both along the coast and innland. Tanumshede with Rune Stones and Vitlycke Arkeological museum are nearby. A fine place to spend a windy, wet, day.

Lill and Lasse on Bolette sailed in later in the evening and we enjoyed a chat over a glass of wine. They too are taking part in the HR fun rally at the weekend. 

11. June from  Ekenæs to Grebbestad

Mooring in Ekenæs was simple, few boats there after Whitsun weekend, plenty of space to moor longside  just North of the ferry landing area. More sailing boats, all crewed by retired sailors taking a few weeks at sea before the rushtime when hardworking folks have their annual holiday. 

After an uneventful evening, spart from a chat with other crews , we had an early night.

11. June  From Ekenæs to Grebbestad 

A relatively short sail to reached Grebbestad before the forecast rain poured down.  17,5 NM sailing with our Genoa over Koster fjord then among the Islands to Grebbestad, almost 4 hours calm sea and a slight breeze. A little competition on the way overtaking a couple of Swedish boats. The sea temperature is still too low to tempt swimming! Shopping to fill up the galley instead.

Siller Lass leaves Åsgårdstrand for yet another cruise

Why do we leave our home, our garden and our friends and family to lead a rougher life at sea?

This year we have sailed for almost 50 years, since 2005 in our beautiful 37 ft. Hallberg Rassy.

We have sailed round the Baltic, to Scotland, the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland several times. Most of all we like the west coast and North Norway, the best sailing grounds in the world.

We are getting older but still enjoy the challenge of life at sea.

10. June from Åsgårdstrand ton Ekenæs, s. Koster

45 NM, sunshine and wind varying from 7-10 m/s, on average over 8 m/s, more than forecast. An exhilarating 7 hours for the crew.  

Siller Lass at sea, summer 2019

 Our summer sailing began early, namely on April 12th. at Orust Yacht Service, Hennan.

After a winter inndoors at Orust Yacht Service, we sailed in sunny but chilly weather to Ekenæs on the Southern Koster one day and followed by sailing to our home harbour, Åsgårdstrand next day.

This blogg will describe some of experiences at sea and ashore in the area around the Kattegat

Norma Saugen, Kongsberg, Norway