Summer 2017

Fog today, Friday.

 Sunday 16th. to Friday 21st. July to Risør seilforeningen, Furøya, Tvedestrand then Lillesand

This relaxed holiday aboard continues in a leisurely manner. We sailed southwards to Risør on Sunday and were lucky to find a mooring at the friendly, local sailing club's marina. We met up with Ellen and Freddy again for a "Happy hour"  before dinner. Off again towards Tvedestrand next morning, in good sailing conditions and higher temperatures. We decided to moor up at Furøya. The Island has been upgraded, resembling the original Estate  with natural forests, a 300 year old oak tree, good paths, piers and a restaurant which can be recommended. We also spent a day in Tvedestrand and had just moored up when HR friend Bjørn Akre came aboard for a chat. 

We had a 5 hour sail to Lillesand on Thursday, but found the marina almost full, even  though we arrived early. 120 boats of all sizes have managed to squeeze  in.

We met up with a Syrian family who had been pupils in Kongsberg last year, and were invited to their home for an Arabic dinner. Many thanks to Daniella, Wael and little Reem. Heavy rain has been forecast for 2 days, lengthening our stay till Saturday morning when we intend to sail northwards again. More sailing surprises in store!

Skip enjoys sunshine today
Colorful floral decorations in the "book town" Tvedestrand.
In Tvedestarnd harbour
Siller Lass in Langøysundet kilen

 Sunday 9th. to Saturday 15th. July

Åsgårdstrand to Havnebakken, Tallakshavn, Langangen, Svensbukta, Langøysundkilen og Valle til Lenningshytta ved Kragerø.

We've had a really interesting week using natural moorings, not marinas for overnight stays. No extra electricity or water! The weather has varied from a cold and windy start to more stable warmer days now.

The highlights have been the visit to Gabriela and Bernt in Langangen, where the new pier functions  well fot Siller Lass, then the family gathering on Saturday evening at Lingodden. 17 people with 4 generations of the Lenning family there.

The map shows the narrow and shallow entrance to Landøysundkilen. There  are actually nooks and cranies there for many boats to shelter in hard weather.  Valle marina nearby was spacious and had a good grocers shop to fill the larder.

Fluffy Clouds while sailing to Åsgårdstrand

 Wednesday  28th. June.    to Åsgårdstrand

Tuesday was an easy day, motoring first over "the Yellow Hump" then  through Havstensund before sailing over Kosterfjord to the natural mooring in the bay. 15 sailing boats spent the night there in calm conditions. Our trip is nearing an end, we're off to Kongsberg to pick up a new car and to enjoy the Jazz Festival next week. Sailed most of the 36 nm. to our home harbour on Wednesday.

Are happy to have had a great time with many new experiences meeting and enjoying the company of friends, old and new.


 Monday 26th. June.     to S.Dyvik på Otterøn

Sunshine today and much less wind as we leave Malmøn after a stormy night, but pleasant stay. We had a bumpy sail when out in open waters so chose a quiet bay to anchor up in and have a dip, could hardly call it a swim, before lunch. This is one of our favourite natural bays, with beautiful scenery.

Only two other boats were there and surprisingly visited by a rib selling ice cream, cookies, fruit and soft drinks - a sign that summer has come to Sweden. The young salesman will have to have many more customers though even to pay for running expenses of his craft!

Kunst ved starten av kyst stien
One of the bathing bays on Malmøn
Part of one of the paths along the shore
Hugh seas on the way to Malmøn
Saturday 24th - Monday26th. June. Elløs to Malmøn
The sail took only 2 hours in wind strength 30-40 Knots and exciting seas! Malmøn marina was large and well organized, kr 360 including electricity and all facilities. Good shopping, groceries, fresh fish, restaurants and exclusive clothes. Great for hiking/walking along well marked paths round the island. What surprised us most was the wind force in the marina on Sunday evening, up to 40 kn. nearly all night. 
Traditional song and dance around the May pole

Friday 23. to Saturday 24th. June  Elløs HR boatyard

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain enticed us to spent Midsummer in a safe harbour with folk we knew. We saw the traditional song, dance and fun activities in Elløs, a relatively smal community where many are employed building sailing boats. In between heavy showers we became acqainted with the crews of the newly delivered boats, Freya, Mishelene and Isabel. One was to be transported to the Great Lakes in USA, another to the Med. and the last sailed to England. Hallberg Rassy boats are renowned worldwide. Siller Lass sailed out on Saturday morning, while Bolette and Kirsikka stayed on.

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